Town centre’s new businesses boost

by | Oct 20, 2022 | News

We love our town, and we love that several new businesses have recently opened. New businesses bring variety into the town centre and community. See some of your new neighbours below and maybe pop in to introduce yourselves.

  • Boom Battle Bar and Escape Hunt, both in BH2
  • Born to Bloom which is inside Bobby’s
  • Vicolo at 4 Albert Road
  • Post at 13 Post Office Road
  • Thirsty Sportsbar at 20 Post Office Road
  • Kazuko at 204 Old Christchurch Road
  • Bubble Pop at 115 Old Christchurch Road.

The Town Centre BID’s Business Liaison Officer, Susie O’Neill said: “We are always delighted to welcome new businesses and it is great to see so many ventures giving their own vote of confidence to the town centre.

“They are offering residents and visitors even more choice in hospitality and leisure.”