A Welcoming Town Centre

Our town centre is in an unrivalled location, with the gardens and beach close by.

But we recognise there is always more we can do together to make it a cleaner and more attractive place to visit.

We know this is another major priority for you too, your staff, your customers, and potential customers. In fact, for everyone who comes to the town centre.

The more pleasant the environment, the longer people will want to stay and the more they will spend.


The BID is leading or supporting a raft of initiatives. These include:

  • Supporting the BCP Council Cleaner, Greener, Safer Initiative with regular street audit on repairs, cleaning, and public realm improvements.
  • Our fact action graffiti team working with landlords and shop owners to clean up quickly and more efficiently.
  • Our own long-standing, rapid response cleaning programme to work over and above what the council provides.
  • Working in partnership with BCP Council to provide hanging basket throughout the town centre.
  • Providing enhanced street cleaning on the main public thoroughfares and alleyways surrounding business properties.
  • General litter picking, removal of drug paraphernalia, dog mess and small items of fly-tipping.
  • Deep cleaning of known troublesome areas off the main streets such as Dalkeith Steps, Old Christchurch Lane, and Westover Road.
  • Clearing areas of shrubbery in The Square, Lansdowne, and Exeter Road.
  • Removing graffiti on smooth surfaces such as glass.
  • Weeding and sweeping around doorways removing cigarette butts and litter.
  • Removing fly posted adverts from empty doorways.


For more about our Welcoming Town Centre project, click here