Town Rangers

Operating seven days a week, all-year-round and whatever the weather, the red-jacketed Rangers are the eyes and ears of the town centre, a constant and reassuring presence.

They are ambassadors for the town centre and advocates for our business community.

The team supports traders in dealing with shoplifters, helps return thousands of pounds in stolen property and keeps an eye on the rough sleeping situation.

They assist the police, BCP Council and other agencies to discharge their statutory responsibilities.

And of course, they are the friendly and welcoming face of Bournemouth town centre to the many residents and visitors who need help and advice.

From giving directions to a particular business and helping with town centre events to assisting with first aid where appropriate, the Rangers are here for you..

The Rangers cover the whole of the Town Centre BID area, from the Lansdowne to the Triangle through Old Christchurch Road, Westover Road, Central and Lower Gardens, the Square and Commercial Road/Poole Hill.


How the Town Rangers help:

  • Assisting residents and visitors get the most out of the town centre and make the experience even better.
  • Providing information on eateries, shops, events, and general local knowledge
  • Helping make the town centre a safer place to be, working with police and other organisations.
  • Being a visual deterrent against crime
  • Giving directions to specific locations and individual businesses.
  • Working with the council on issues such as graffiti, damage to street furniture and litter.
  • Offering trained First Aid assistance where appropriate.



Contacting the team



The best way to contact the Rangers is through the Shopwatch Radio Scheme operated by the Bournemouth Businesses Reducing Crime (BBRC) radio network. The Rangers monitor this network seven days a week and will respond directly to requests for help.

For businesses not on the Shopwatch network, you can call the Ranger mobile during operational hours (9am – 5pm) on 07918 280016.

If you need to request our rapid response cleaner or graffiti team, please call our Head Ranger on 07985 283958

For emergency services:

The Rangers are not the police, so if you have an emergency please contact the relevant emergency service as normal.

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