A Safer Town Centre

We know those who work, visit, or live in Bournemouth Town Centre want safe and secure streets.

All our visitor surveys show us this is the number one priority.

So, we have invested heavily in making the town centre a safer and happier place to be for everyone.

But there are always challenges, as in every town and city across the country.

That’s why we have been instrumental in setting up the Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), working with the police, BCP Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner, third sector support organisations, levy payers and other partners.

We also operate a welcoming team of Town Rangers who patrol 7 days a week.


The BCRP partnership will:

  • Run a town centre-wide radio security and information sharing network with handsets across the BID area.
  • Provide free training on the radio system and the SentrySIS information system for levy payers.
  • Collate incident reports from traders on the activity of known offenders in consultation with Dorset Police.
  • Assist with providing information to Dorset Police so offenders can be prosecuted.
  • Appoint someone to help businesses in completing crime reporting paperwork and victim impact statements.
  • Provide free loss prevention training for businesses.

For more information on the Business Crime Reduction Partnership, click here


The Town Rangers continue to support levy payers by

  • Helping to make the town centre a safer environment.
  • Working with organisations like BCP Council and the police in their role in dealing with anti-social behaviour.
  • Liaising with and supporting levy payers across retail, hospitality, leisure, and the office sector.
  • Giving directions to visitors and assisting with incidents requiring First Aid where appropriate.
  • Being high profile, visible ambassadors for the town centre and its businesses.
  • Aiming to provide seven days a week service for the town centre business community.

For more information on the Town Rangers, click here


The BID also

  • Continues to part-fund Town Watch which supports and helps to improve management of the night-time economy.
  • Lobbies the police for more town centre resource and support.
  • Looks to support specific projects where appropriate, for instance improved lighting.


For more about our Safer Town Centre project, click here