A Vibrant Town Centre

Bournemouth has a great reputation for the range of fantastic, diverse, and colourful events and the BID has always been at the forefront of this.

We organise or fund numerous initiatives in partnership with others to make Bournemouth more vibrant, bring more people into the town centre and encourage them to stay longer.

Our focus will continue to be creating events that residents and visitors will want to be part of, encouraging them to stay longer and have a great town centre experience.

Our priorities include:

  • Continuing to fund the Christmas offering, and working to extend it across further areas of the town centre.
  • Working in partnership with other organisations to help make the town centre eventful.
  • Organising popular events for the town centre.
  • Funding events to bring more people into town, stay longer and interact with levy paying businesses when they may not ordinarily do so.
  • Backing new events that will bring benefits to a wider range of levy payers.
  • Continuing to support markets in different parts of the town centre area to increase footfall and generate more exposure for your businesses and the town centre.


For more about our Vibrant Town Centre project, click here