The Town Centre BID

The Bournemouth Town Centre BID represents and supports more than 700 levy paying businesses and promotes Bournemouth as a safe, secure, attractive, clean, welcoming and vibrant place to spend time.

The Bournemouth Town Centre BID was first established in 2012, received a second mandate in 2017 and began a new five-year term in July 2022 following the support of levy payers in the ballot in April 2022.

The Bournemouth Town Centre BID is a not-for-profit company with a board of directors made up of representatives of the levy paying businesses.

Primarily funded by the levy-payers, the BID has invested more than £6m into the town centre in its first ten years and plans to invest a further £3m between 2022 and 2027.

The BID raises additional funding through voluntary contributions, sponsorship, and matched funding for specific projects.

Every penny is being invested into making Bournemouth Town Centre a better place for visitors, residents, and all sectors of the business community.


The Bournemouth Town Centre BID delivers:


◾️Driving the new Business Crime Reduction Partnership which will be a gamechanger for the town centre.

◾️Our team of Town Centre Rangers play an important part in helping to make the town centre a safer environment.


◾️Making further progress on the cleanliness of the town centre, with additional cleaning programmes and the setting up of a graffiti task force.

◾️ Working with the night-time economy to promote Bournemouth as safe, enjoyable, fun place to visit.


◾️Funding great events and initiatives encouraging people to come more often and stay longer.

◾️Helping to fund the Christmas offering and working to extend it across the town centre


◾️Providing ongoing advice, help, support and promotional activity for levy payers and the town centre.

◾️Being a strong voice and advocate for the town centre and all our levy payers.

To find out the ways the Town Centre BID can help your business, click here.