Town Centre Rangers commended

by | Oct 12, 2015 | News

Our Town Centre Rangers have recently been commended, following an incident in which two intoxicated males were exposing themselves and stopping traffic in one of the town centre car parks, climbing on cars and becoming aggressive.

Although the police had been called, they were 10 minutes away and the situation was rapidly escalating, until Helen (Ranger 3) arrived on the scene and quickly took control of the situation, removing the males to the pavement and remaining with them until the police arrived.

One of our levy payers who witnessed the incident wrote to us to say: “I cannot praise highly enough the action taken by Helen (Ranger 3). Because of her intervention a very nasty and violent situation was averted and traffic flow was back to normal very quickly. It is as a result of actions like this, taken by Helen, that we realise the value of the Ranger Team. With the current constraints on the Police and the heightened levels of vagrancy in the town centre and surrounding areas, whilst the rangers may not have powers of arrest they certainly helped in avoiding what was a nasty situation escalating. As a BID levy payer I feel that my levy payment has been repaid by this one event.”