The BID lobbies over international retail

by | Nov 3, 2022 | News

The BID’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Kinvig, attended a reception at the House of Commons hosted by the Association of International Retail (AIR) on October 31.

AIR Chief Executive, Paul Barnes spoke of the huge potential boost to the UK economy from encouraging more overseas retail spending.

Mr Kinvig talked to Mr Barnes, several MPs from across the country and Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Minister Paul Scully.

International retail is the sector of the retail industry that makes sales to visitors to the UK from abroad.

AIR works together with businesses, organisations, and Government to try to ensure that the policy and economic environment allows international retail in the UK to realise its full growth potential.

Mr Kinvig said: “International retail spending is one of the keys to the future success of Bournemouth town centre.

“International language school student numbers locally are down from 50,000 pre-pandemic to 13,000 now, which represents a huge hit to the spend in our town centre and the wider conurbation.

“It’s important to have conversations on issues like this and ensure the voice of Bournemouth town centre business is heard at a national level.”