Supporting Local Business Stage 3 – Stay Local, Support Local

by | Jun 4, 2020 | News

With businesses beginning to reopen and making changes to work safely, we are launching Stage 3 of our project to support our levy payers at this time.

During Stages 1 and 2, we offered promotion packages with the Bournemouth Echo worth £810 and £690 respectively, which were free of charge to levy payers. These aimed to highlight businesses still operating remotely during the lockdown.

Stage 3 will now add in businesses that are reopening, and will put the emphasis on staying local and spending local. The multi-media campaign, launched in the Echo today, will start on 13 June and will continue for 3 months, incorporating press, radio and online.

The package now offered is worth over £27K to the town centre and once again, will be completely free to Town Centre BID businesses. You will receive the following:

  • 10 day classified advert in the Bournemouth Echo
  • Permanent online listing in a new Bournemouth Echo online directory

To register for these please click here and fill out the short form at the bottom of the article.

However, Town Centre BID levy payers also benefit from additional profile and support, including

  • Free digital adverts for 35 levy payers
  • Inclusion in a series of full page advertorials in the Bournemouth Echo
  • Town Centre businesses to be promoted in an 8 page in print and online supplement, and a 4 page Dorset Living section
  • Editorial support throughout the campaign

We are also in discussion with local radio for additional promotion for the town centre.

Below are a series of potential questions that have been supplied & answered by the Daily Echo to help you take advantage of this amazing support package.


Q    How do I apply for my free advertising?

A     Visit and complete the online form


Q    How long will it take for my free ads to be up and running?

A     Up to 4 working days


Q    I provide services for local businesses but I don’t have registered premises in the BCP Council area. Can I have this free advertising?

A     Unfortunately no.  In order to qualify you must have business premises in the specified area


Q    Can I take my free advertising in July and book it now?

A     Yes. You must book your advertising during June using the link above but you can request for that advertising to be anytime in June, July or August


Q    I want to apply for the free editorial – how do I do that?

A     All Bournemouth Town Centre BID levy payers who apply their free classified advertising will also get free editorial published in July or August. Bournemouth Town Centre BID have paid for 18 editorial pages to be shared among levy payers so everyone gets a share of the benefit


Q    I want to apply for the free targeted digital ads – how do I do that?

A     Everyone who applies for the free classified advertising goes into a further selection process for the free digital advertising which will be published online during July or August as there are a fixed number to give away. Applicants would have to have a working website, be GDPR compliant etc to make the most out of the advertising on offer. There are t&cs attached to this enhancement


Q    Can I see my free ad before it appears?

A     Yes, all customers will see a proof of the ad which we put together for you by taking copy details over the phone


Q    The promotion mentions a directory ad – what is that?

A     There is an online directory at which contains thousands of business listings across the UK. Directories are extremely useful to help boost SEO and to help businesses be found online. Your business details will be published online and remain there permanently unless you tell us to remove them. We will get that set up over a matter of a week or so.


Q    I don’t know how to put a small ad together. What do I do?

A     The Echo team will take care of pulling the ad together. They will advise you to keep it simple as the space is 20mm deep x 87mm wide


Q    I have questions and I want to talk to someone at the Echo

A     Please email any query to if you have any further questions