Students are taking to the streets!

by | Aug 10, 2023 | News

It’s very new, different, and exciting. The Bournemouth University Street Fair takes place on Sunday September 17.

Bournemouth Town Centre BID levy payers are invited to take part in the Lansdowne event at a heavily discounted rate.

And businesses along Holdenhurst Road can set up a free stall outside their own premises.

Around 6,000 new students will be arriving to take up residence in the Lansdowne, while 12,000 more will be returning to their courses.

Together they make a huge and positive impact on the local economy.

The street fair, part of Freshers Week, is backed by the Bournemouth Town Centre BID.

Chief Operating Officer, Paul Kinvig, said: “We are genuinely very excited by this BU initiative.

“Thousands of students who normally spend their time on campus or at home in Winton and Charminster will be coming to town for the day.

“It’s a brilliant opportunity for them to get to know our fantastic local businesses and vice versa.

“What a great way for students to find just what Bournemouth town centre has to offer.”

Holdenhurst Road, from Cotlands Road to the Lansdowne roundabout will be closed for the day.

For more information about how to get involved, please email info@towncentrebid or click on these links: event listing link and the booking form link.

The booking form shows a 50% reduction for a stand for BID Levy payers.