Secret Bournemouth Launched

by | Mar 10, 2022 | News

Seek out Secret Bournemouth. That’s the message from the Bournemouth Town Centre BID after it unveiled a list of hidden and not so hidden treasures.

They include historic buildings, key landmarks, and quirky items.

Susie O’Neill, the BID’s Business Liaison Officer, said: “There are some amazing little secrets in the town centre, some of them hidden in plain sight and others a bit more tucked away.

“We’re encouraging as many people as possible to do some exploring with a fresh set of eyes and find out more about the town they live or work in or visit.”

She added: “It’s not a trail, we’re not directing people to one point, we are simply reminding everyone of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us right here in our town centre that we may often look at, but not really see.

“There are facts and history that you maybe didn’t know or a business that’s been there years, but you’ve never noticed it before.”

The hidden secrets include the grave of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, the longest firemen’s pole in England (protected by law) and a restaurant bar counter made up entirely of 2p pieces.

There’s also an insurance broker with a huge collection of snow globes, the Book Swap under a disused escalator and a pub which not only has its own cinema, but also a wall covered in an eclectic array of musical instruments and a China cat plate corner.

The Cherries are supporting the BID initiative by tying it in with their regular Junior Cherries competitions and former skipper Tommy (who features in the striking mural at the Lansdowne) and is now on the coaching staff at the club, is getting behind the campaign.

Susie said the aim was to create a buzz around the fun facts, places, and things.

She’s also asking those who go exploring to SEE IT, SNAP IT and SHARE IT, by posting on the BID’s social media platforms until April 10.

“Some of these things we walk by every day without realising they are there.

“The aim is to create a positive and vibrant buzz throughout Bournemouth Town Centre, to spark conversations and get as many people as possible from all walks of life to explore or find something new.”

Tag the Town Centre BID on social media @makeitbmth with #secretbournemouth for the chance to win a prize.

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Prizes are four £25 Bournemouth Town Centre gift cards, five copies of ‘111 Things in Bournemouth You Shouldn’t Miss’ – signed by the author Katherine Bebo and donated by Waterstones and special corporate prizes up for grabs for the best workplace team photograph.

First prize is £175, Second Prize is £100 off a night out in town (redeemed via Town Centre Gift Card, please see