Rangers Return

by | Jun 16, 2020 | News

In order to support the reopening of many of the town’s businesses this week, our Town Rangers will also be making a phased return.

All the rangers were furloughed on March 23, apart from Head Ranger Bob Carter who continued to work from home.

This week will see the return of some of the Rangers, who will cover the town centre between Monday and Saturday. We will have a maximum of two Rangers on duty at any one time, to allow for us to operate safely, and this will be reviewed on 1 July, with the aim to bring the Ranger team back by August if it is safe to do so.

Head Ranger Bob Carter said: “Of course we will have challenges, especially with the need for social distancing. Like everyone else in the town centre, residents, visitors and employees, we will be adjusting to a different world. It will take a little getting used to.”

“We will still be as visible as ever, a reassuring and helpful presence for everyone as they venture back after several months away.”

He added: “All the rangers are immensely proud of the difference they make to the community and they recognise their role is more important than ever now.”