Pop up art gallery programme of events

by | Apr 23, 2013 | News

Opening Exhibition

Thursday 25th April – Monday 6th May

A multidiscipline exhibition showcasing an array of creativity and different artistic practices.
Expect to see: painting, drawing, sculpture, digital installation, performance, film & animations on at our basement cinema.

Drawing Exhibition

Thursday 9th May – Monday 20th May

A drawing exhibition that explores the many different forms drawing can take. From the conventional to the uncustomary. Expect to see anything from traditional drawing to a state of the art digital interactive installation.

Fashion & Costume Exhibition

Thursday 23rd May – Monday 3rd June

Cat walk show – Thursday 23rd May – 20.00 – 21.00

Catwalk show – Tuesday 30th May – 20.00 – 21.00

A collection of fashion and Costume outfits designed and made by Art University Bournemouth.

The Multi Exhibition Program

Thursday 6th June – 17th Monday June
A collection of multiple exhibitions curated by different groups of students in which they take over different sections of the space. The space will be constantly changing through out the two week with a total of 8 exhibitions and numerous night events.
All dates and program to be confirmed.

Final exhibition

Thursday 4th July – Saturday 20th July
An open Exhibition in which everyone involved in the drop project including students, Student Union staff and the public are invited to submit work to be showcased in the final exhibition of the drop project series.
Evening Events

The Cut – Cinema
Thursday 2nd May, 16th May, 30th May, 13th June, 28th June

A student led showcase of film, animation and video art.
Each event will change from showcasing local artists and students work to showing more well known films.

An evening of Art performance
Tuesday 30th April, 28th May, 25th June

A student led showcase of Art performance. Students and the public are invited to view and participate in 3 hours of Art Performance every month. This will give a platform for anyone wanting to showcase their performance in front of a mixed group of performers and the public. The final hour will be left up for discussion about the work and Q & A with the artists involved.