Party Conferences have positive impact on town centre footfall

by | Oct 12, 2015 | News

Bournemouth town centre footfall in September was the highest since 2012, and it appears to be at least partly due to the two political party conferences that took place during September.

The Lib Dem Party Conference took place from 19 to 23 September, and was the second busiest weekend of 2015 so far (the busiest was during the summer holidays). This was followed by the Green Party Conference from 25 to 28 September, which ranked seventh of the busiest times in the town centre in 2015 so far.

Prior to September, the footfall in 2015 has been disappointing, but all the feedback we’ve had from our levy payers so far leads us to think that Bournemouth seems to be following the national trend of footfall being down but spend per person going up. We would love to hear whether this has been the case for you too.