No better time to join Gift Card program

by | Nov 17, 2022 | News

Our Christmas marketing and promotion of The Bournemouth Town Centre Gift Card kicked off this week as our commercial hit the airwaves on HOT radio.

Until the end of December we’re funding a multi-media campaign to encourage people to ‘Support Bournemouth Town Centre and purchase with a purpose at”. As well as through our ongoing partnership with AFC Bournemouth, we’ll have adverts on the town centre digital screens and specific social media campaigns for you to look out for too.

The entire scheme is BID funded from sign-up to marketing, as a levy payer there is no extra cost to you to join, no changes to your till or payment systems are needed AND we pay for the marketing! All you need is a swipe facility to accept the pre-paid Mastercards.

For more information or to join the gift card family at this exciting time, contact our Business Liaison Officer on

You can also purchase cards here;