Mary Portas Review Backs BIDs

by | Dec 15, 2011 | News

Retail expert Mary Portas reported to the Prime Minister this week on how to ‘save Britain’s high streets.’ Her first three recommendations were specifically about Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) – to help attract people back into our town centres.

The report praises BIDs as ‘a step in the right direction’ because they put power in the hands of local businesses and enables them to manage their high streets and town centres in a businesslike manner.

It provides an important high-level validation of the work being done in Bournemouth to boost businesses and profits, and with the two BIDs being developed, shows that Bournemouth is leading the way.

The report proposes a numbe of other measures including a National Market Day, and policies to make town centre parking cheaper. You can download the Portas report in full here. Or click here to see what the Bournemouth Echo had to say about it.

Remember, vote ‘yes’ in the BID ballot next year to save your town centre.