Making banner headlines!

by | May 25, 2022 | News

New banners funded by the Town Centre BID have been put in Old Christchurch Road to welcome visitors and help to ‘identify’ the area.

It follows a similar, successful initiative in the Triangle earlier in the year.

The banners include a horseshoe logo to denote Horseshoe Common.

There are 20 of the banners along Old Christchurch Road.

Chief Operating Officer of the BID, Paul Kinvig said: “The town centre is made of up of great, individual, distinct areas that all contribute to the colour and vibrancy of the big picture.

“The banners are a fantastic way of helping to bring out that individual identity for residents and visitors alike and we are delighted to be funding the project.

Mr Kinvig added: “The banners are very eye-catching, and I believe they make a real difference wherever they go up.”