Great feedback on ‘Proud to be Independent’ initiative

by | Aug 3, 2022 | News

Our highly successful July campaign showcasing the great independent businesses in Bournemouth town centre has come to a close.

We are delighted with how it went and how much positive attention was attracted. We have had fantastic feedback about the Celebrating Independents initiative, run in conjunction with the Echo and Hot Radio.

The reach across our social media platforms has increased dramatically for the month, highlighting the community’s response to the campaign. A couple of the videos in particular have received some of the highest engagements to date.


Rachel Berenson-Perkins, Centre VR Marketing Director said: “We really enjoyed being part of the independents campaign as we are proud to be independent and proud to be part of the Bournemouth business network.

“Seeing other businesses and their people in the videos makes us feel part of the community.

“Walking down the high street we feel more connected to everyone we recognise from the videos.”

Flávio Pappalardo, co-owner of Moka Pot said: “I think that the last five years has been quiet for business owners knowing each other, but projects like this help bring owners and people together to help build a better Bournemouth.

“The project has raised awareness of new places and given people a sense of curiosity to go and see Moka Pot and others.

“It’s a good thing as it has given us good business connections in different areas and helps create a stronger community with businesses in Bournemouth.”

Joel Simmons, owner of Simons Leather added: “Bournemouth’s Independents are very much the Lifeblood of Town Centre Shopping.

“It was great to see the BID highlighting their importance at a time when Town Centres such as Bournemouth have been largely abandoned by traditional Multiples, whilst it’s Independents have managed to stand firm and continue to service both locals and visitors alike.”

We would like to thank everyone who took part this year and helped support the wonderful independent businesses across town. We will look to do similar next year, so please feel free to put your name forward as a point of interest for next time by emailing us at: