First Gift Card spent in Bournemouth Town Centre

by | Oct 25, 2019 | News

The first gift card has now been spent in Bournemouth town centre!

Buying a present for her best friend has made 11-year-old Marnie Dodd the very first purchaser of the new Bournemouth Town Centre Gift Card. The youngster decided the new card would be a great thirteenth birthday idea for her pal, Annabel Beales. So she asked her mum to go online at midnight on the first day the cards went on sale and snap one up.

Marnie said: “I saw an advertisement in the town and I thought it would be a great idea. Annabel could spend it at lots of different places.”

The birthday girl made her first purchase at the Body Shop. She bought perfume and lip balm with the £20 card.

She added: “It was a great present. I loved it. I think it is such a cool idea.”

The Bournemouth Town Centre Gift Card can be spent in dozens of shops, cafes, restaurants and leisure venues. If you are not already involved and would like to be, contact us on

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