Capp – New App for Hospitality Sector

by | Aug 27, 2020 | News

A new local app is being launched to support the hospitality sector and help customers to feel safe using venues and restaurants again.

The app, called CAPP, allows businesses to show how many vacancies they have in real time, and also automates Track and Trace requirements. The idea is that customers will register once, and can then use the app again and again without having to give their details each time.

Customers can view a traffic light system before they go out to see how busy a venue is. Once out they will simply scan a QR code on entering to update the capacity of the venue in real time.

We would encourage as many of our hospitality businesses as possible to register for CAPP. It’s completely free. You can do so quickly and easily here:

We will be helping to promote CAPP to the public very shortly. The more businesses registered at that stage, the greater the likelihood of the app being a success with customers.