Business breakfast tackles hot topics

by | Nov 3, 2022 | News

Our 11th Business Breakfast took place on October 27 at Kumpi in Old Christchurch Road.

A range of topics were discussed including the shortage of residential accommodation in the town centre, the over concentration on tourism, the need for flexibility in parking policy, accentuating the positive and the belief that the town doesn’t sell itself well enough.

Levy payers from the retail, hospitality and the office sectors took part.

Susie O’Neill, the Town Centre BID’s Business Liaison Officer, said: “This was another fascinating event covering many diverse issues.

“Levy payers from different sectors really value the opportunity to meet and chat about shared and different experiences and offer their own, invaluable perspectives on doing business and the future of the town centre.”

If you would like to attend the next Business Breakfast which will take place on 17th November, please email