BID Chief speaks with Prince William on homelessness

by | Sep 14, 2023 | News

THE BID’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Kinvig, was part of Bournemouth’s business leadership that met with Prince William last week.

The Prince visited Bournemouth as part of his five-year nationwide initiative to tackle homelessness through his Homewards programme.

There are more than 40 organisations involved in the partnership including BCP Council, Faithworks Arch, BCHA, the YMCA, Shelter, St Mungo’s, NHS Dorset, and Bournemouth Town Centre BID.

AFC Bournemouth has also made a key commitment by expanding its community outreach programmes, as well as new education and employment opportunities.

The initiative, supported by The Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales, gives six locations around the country, including Bournemouth, new and upgraded resources to tackle the issue, with the view of rolling out the scheme across the nation if it is successful.

Each location will be given £500,000 to be used towards innovative housing schemes.

The scheme is using Finland’s success in reducing the issue as a key inspiration.

Paul Kinvig said: “It is obviously a significant boost for Bournemouth to have Prince William and the Royal Foundation directly involved in such an important subject.

“The human cost of homelessness in Bournemouth town is high and Prince’s William passion and his determination to make a difference are very obvious.”

He added: “It was a pleasure to meet him and have the opportunity to represent the views of the BID community and the concerns our levy payers have raised with us.”