BID Business Plans launched

by | Feb 24, 2012 | News

Bournemouth’s Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are gearing up for the postal ballot with the publication of their Business Plans.

Pictured here, members from both Steering Groups celebrate the launch of their Business Plans. These set out the separate aims and objectives of the two independent BIDs, their main projects and budget for the next five years.

Copies of the appropriate Business Plans are being posted to the 560 eligible businesses in the Town Centre area and the 766 eligible businesses in the Coastal Districts BID area.

Tony Brown, Chairman of the Town Centre BID Steering Group said, “We have spent nine months talking with local businesses to find out what they thought would improve their trading environment and profitability. These Business Plans represent the outcome of those detailed consultations. The Steering Groups believe they are the springboard for significant improvements in Bournemouth, making it a better place to do business. BIDs put businesses in charge – it is they who have led on the development of these Business Plans and through the Board which they elect, their eventual successful delivery.”

Des Simmons, Chairman of the Coastal Districts BID continued, “Between them, the two BIDs will trigger a massive additional investment in Bournemouth. We urge businesses across the two independent BID areas to vote “Yes” in the two separate postal ballots between 12 March and 9 April. It will only cost the majority of businesses about a £1 a day. Yet when added together these individual contributors will create a massive £7 million budget over the next five years.”

You can view the business plan online by following this link.