Alice in Spring Success

by | Jun 21, 2022 | News

This wonderful, two-day, free public access street theatre themed on Alice in Wonderland, was supported by the Town Centre BID and delivered by staff and students at Arts University Bournemouth.

It was an imaginative mix of live performance from AUB actors, interactive installations, and circus acts across Lansdowne, Horseshoe Common, Beale Place, BH2 and The Triangle over a weekend in May.

The feedback from AUB has been superb. No less than 49 businesses got involved in the project with a mixture of window displays and activities.

There was an estimated engagement of 4,450 over the five locations in the two days and the event reached an audience of nearly 23,000 on social media.

Nearly 80 per cent of people surveyed said they had come into the town centre specifically to see Alice in Spring. And nearly 70 per cent said they had stayed longer than usual.

One of many visitors interviewed described the event as “awesome.” Another said: “It was nice to see so much going on.”

And third called it “a wonderful experience.”

The BID’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Kinvig, said: “We want more residents and visitors to come to the town centre, stay longer and enjoy a great experience. So Alice in Spring was a huge success by any measure.

“People loved it and we are very grateful to the staff and students from AUB for making it happen. I hope it will be the first of many exciting collaborations with the university.”