Town Centre Rangers

You said the town feels rowdy and unwelcoming, especially in the early evening.

So we’ve put in place a friendly and hospitable team of town Rangers, who help deter crime and act as the welcoming face of Bournemouth.

Operating seven days a week, all year round and whatever the weather, they’re the eyes and ears of Bournemouth Town Centre, helping people find what they’re looking for and creating a sense of safety, solidarity and positivity.

With close links to the Council, Police, CCTV and Shopwatch Scheme, they offer an important bridge between businesses and the security services, helping to deter crime simply by being a consistent patrolling presence.

Your Rangers are here to make Bournemouth Town Centre accessible, attractive and safe by:

  • Providing advice, directions and help to all visitors
  • Helping visitors find your business
  • Assisting with first aid issues
  • Assisting with town centre events
  • Reassuring visitors and deterring crime
  • Collecting data on what issues are affecting businesses in the town centre

How to contact your Rangers

For urgent assistance:

The best way to contact the Rangers is through the Shopwatch Radio Scheme operated by the Bournemouth Businesses Reducing Crime (BBRC) radio network. The Rangers monitor this network seven days a week and will respond directly to requests for help.

For businesses not on the Shopwatch network, you can call the Ranger mobile during operational hours (10am – 6pm) on 07918 280016.

For non-urgent assistance:

If you have a question about the Rangers, please call our Head Ranger, Bob Carter, on 01202 296343 or email

For emergency services:

The Rangers are not the police, so if you have an emergency please contact the relevant emergency service as normal.

To read more about the Rangers, download the Business Plan here.